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The crimes of the would-be dictator get worse every month.  His hatemonger government has striven from the start to suppress minorities of every ilk.  Now, with the connivance of the party of prejudice, the Supreme Court has been stacked with drunks and scoundrels needing to sooth their self hate with discrimination against anyone different from themselves; and in late January the court granted its imprimatur allowing the president to invoke his ignorant ban on patriotic Transgender service in our armed forces.

The SCOTUS' discriminatory decision took place even before the court could consider conflicting opinions from lower courts, presumably because its biased justices assumed they would concur with the president's contrived discriminatory delusions.

The president's prejudice is two fold; first, he is a devout racist determined to erase every single progressive advance enacted by his predecessor President Obama; secondly, he is just plain ignorantly prejudiced against patriotic Transgender Americans.   And even the latter may be influenced by his desire to weaken America's military superiority in favor of enhancing Russia's.

So, there you have it.  Here are the details: Early on in his administration, the president attempted to invoke a ban on Transgender service simply by tweeting.  When that didn't work, he ordered the Pentagon to officially impose his ban.  Then advocates went to court to block the ban and the lower courts issued injunctions preventing the ban from taking effect.  Then, in January, a DC appeals court lifted its injunction.  This was intentionally designed to create a conflict of lower court opinions, thus forcing the issue to the Supreme Court.  Meanwhile, the administration requested that the Supreme Court not wait for that conflict to wend its way to its jurisprudence, but rather to rule in advance against allowing Transgender service to proceed in the interim.  And that's what they just did. See?  The wheels on the bus, that Transgender American patriots were thrown under, go round and round.



Tom Dooley

by Hugh Westrup

Mention the name "Tom Dooley" to almost anyone in America and you're likely to draw little more than a blank stare. Some may recall the popular song about a condemned man, "Hang Down Your Head, Tom Dooley." But few remember or know about the man who, for a small window of time, was one of the most revered figures in America.

Tom Dooley shot to fame in 1956 with the publication of his memoir, Deliver Us From Evil, which recounted his participation in Operation Passage to Freedom, a U.S. Navy mission that took place shortly after France's defeat in the Indochina War (1946-1954) and the separation of Vietnam into two countries. Dooley, a Navy physician, was stationed in the harbor city of Haiphong, where he led a medical team that treated throngs of people awaiting transfer to ships that would take them from North to South Vietnam. The book, widely praised by critics, became an immediate best seller.

On the publicity circuit, the author's personal qualities boosted sales of the book. A born entertainer, Dooley was charismatic, movie-star handsome, and a marvelous teller of tales. "[T]he snappiest, best-looking young naval officer I had seen in a long time" is how the secretary to the Surgeon General of the Navy remembered him. "[H]e was blessed with a keen sense of humor and all the charm of his Irish ancestry. He always knew exactly what he was doing and where he was going, which made it a pleasure to work with him. Even at 28 he was a master of the spoken and written word, and his dictation was perfect and so fascinating you were sorry when he stopped. ... The public relations officers were wild about him, because he was in great demand and always made good copy. They could not get enough of him."

 Dooley achieved even greater renown in the several years that followed. He co-founded a humanitarian organization, MEDICO, that sponsored medical missions around the world. Several of those missions took him to Laos, where he spent months at a time practicing in far-flung villages whose residents were peasants with no exposure to modern medicine. Out of those experiences came two more best sellers, The Edge of Tomorrow and The Night They Burned the Mountain. Dooley's celebrity grew each time he returned home to promote his books and raise money for MEDICO. A Gallup Poll of Americans in 1959 named him the seventh most admired man in the world.

Dooley's story is equally intriguing for what he didn't reveal in his books or his numerous speeches and appearances on radio and TV. Born into a wealthy St. Louis family, Tom was a devout Catholic who at a young age rejected the Church's prohibitions against homosexual behavior. His high-school pal Michael Harrington, the future founding member of the Democratic Socialists of America, remembered Tom hitting on other boys in school.


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