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2006-2011  Gay Military Signal

Denny Meyer

1946 - 201_

Denny Meyer, the founder and editor of Gay Military Signal, passed away on -------- after a lengthy battle with cancer, and other illnesses.  He was also the Public Affairs officer and Veterans Affairs officer of American Veterans for Equal Rights, and served as the Media Director for Transgender American Veterans Association.
An activist for over 50 years, Denny was born to Holocaust refugee parents in the post WWII era in New York City.  He said that his mother taught him that "There is nothing more precious than American Freedom," which influenced him to leave college and volunteer to serve his country during the Vietnam war, "to pay my country back for my family's freedom," after he saw fellow students burn the American flag in protest against the war.  "I was very gay and very out, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from doing what I wanted to do," he said.  He served for ten years in two services, the Navy and Army Reserve, leaving honorably as a Sergeant First Class.
Denny Meyer's activism began at the age of 13 in 1960 when he marched for civil rights with the NAACP.  He never stopped.  His work for the right of gay people to serve openly in our armed forces began in 2003 after he became multiply disabled.  "That was when I found my true purpose in life," he said.  He founded the NYC chapter of AVER and soon became a national officer.  His particular pleasure was serving as Veterans Affairs officer, taking calls and e mails from LGBT vets around the country, doing what he could to advise them.
He founded Gay Military Signal on July 4th, 2006.  He had a fantasy that it would be read in Congress; and just six months after the first issue, he was astounded when a Congressional staffer told him that it was, in fact, widely read in Congress.  "I pissed in my pants when he told me that," he said, "and began to take every word I wrote very seriously.  Later, when the Pentagon began to seriously work on preparing for the end of DADT, he was consulted on the process which led to GMS being read there as well.
Anticipating the eventuality of his illnesses, Denny made clear that he felt that Gay Military Signal had achieved its purpose of having some small influence in the battle to end DADT and following that in advocating for equal benefits and telling the stories of patriotic LGBT veterans.  "The battles will go on and on, of course," he said, "but, after the repeal of DADT, Gay Military Signal served more to keep me going.  Other voices are already carrying the torch to carry on the battle."  And so, herein is the last word for Gay Military Signal.
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